Roofing Estimate

At Top Guard Roofing, we value our clients from the beginning to the end. This starts with our face to face initial consultation. Our consultations include an on-site initial visit to get an accurate measurement of your roof and a open conversation with you about your needs and style.

Are you in an area with a high wind rating?

Does your community have specific CC&R guidelines?

We take those considerations and many more into account when getting your project off the ground.

Fill out the information below and let’s start consultations today!

Hello to our clients. We found out that some people in Northern Washington opened a roofing company this year using a version of our name, and have already as we found out, established a list of unhappy clients. We are in no way affiliated with The Top Guard Roofing “and Construction” in Edgewood, WA License #TOPGUGR808QE.